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Faster, easier condo insurance for property managers and condo boards.

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We will contact you within 24 hours and quote fast.


You supply your condo documents and we fill the forms.


We hope our partners will offer a competitive quote that can save your owners money.

Making condo insurance easier

Insurance for your condominium, strata or multi-family community does not need to be complex. Through our insurance partners, OctoAI will respond within 24 hours and return a quote for your master policy within a week after receiving your condo documents* and you answering a single question: have you had a loss since your last renewal?

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What Makes Us Different?

All insurance feels the same. You just need to know that you are covered, and want to be treated fairly on price and service. At OctoAI, we believe we are unique in looking at more than building spec and claims history, and use the platform we developed at Eli Report (condo document review) to examine what matters about your community. If you are doing the right things and feel someone should take better care of your community, please give us a try.

Available Coverage

What insurance coverage is available?


Required coverage over common property including the structure(s) and fixed components.


Required coverage for accidents or injuries and related damage occuring on the property.


Recommended protection against seismic activity and resultant damage.

Overland Flooding

Recommended protection, especially if located in an area prone to flooding.

Boiler & Machine Breakdown

Coverage for unexpected breakdown of electrical and mechanical equipment.


Appliances that can be removed from a building require standalone coverage.

Volunteer Accident

Protection for physical harm suffered when performing voluntary tasks.

Errors & Omissions

Coverage for liability of those performing duties on behalf of the community.


Acts of violence could result in property damage or interruption to business.

Crime & Employee Dishonesty

Criminal acts can result in physical or financial harm, including misappropriation of funds.

Legal Retainer Coverage

Accidents, theft or even dealing with difficult owners/tenants can require legal advice.

Extras & Deductible Buy-Down

Extra expenses or deductible buy-down coverage is also available.

Making A Claim

When something goes wrong you need to know that your insurer is there for you. Our partners are focused on customer service, and we will advocate for you to ensure the community you manage gets well taken care of. Once your policy is in place, you will have a dedicated agent to assist you.

Our Insurance Broker Partners

OctoAI provides technology to handle applications and assist with review by your insurance broker and carriers. We developed expertise in reviewing documents over the past five years through Eli Report, our proprietary condo document review service which organizes and extracts key information on multi-family communities.

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What Isn't Covered?

Your owners, residents and/or tenants should have their own policies for:


Improvements within a dwelling such as flooring, lighting, and any kitchen or bathroom renovations that are not part of the original build.

Personal Belongings

Known as personal property or contents insurance, these are items within the dwelling.


Special assessment coverage, deductible assessment coverage and liability loss assessment may be sought by owners, residents or tenants.

This type of coverage is known as personal lines insurance and can be purchased through the personal insurance division of our partners at Axis Insurance and you can make an inquiry here.



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